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Accessorizing Your Plain White T: Neck

I love crisp white t-shirts. There is something about the idea of a “clean slate” to showcase my accessorizes on that I adore. But it’s hard to take it a step beyond just tossing on a pretty necklace when you’re in a rush. So today, I’m going over a few quick ways you can dress up the neckline of a white t-shirt!

Dress up your favorite cozy white t-shirt with a scarf. This in itself has a multitude of ways you can pull it off. Wrapped around your neck (like above),  or just casually looped around. You can go with a thin scarf, or a thick woolly one when the weather becomes chilly. You can go with solid colors, stripes, dots, tie dyes, there are plenty of scarves out there for you to pursue.

Another way to have some pizzazz to a plain t-shirt is with necklaces. Big colorful necklaces lend a funky vibe to this look, while simple pearls add a touch of class. You can layer your necklaces or just wear one for a gentle accent. Long or short, it doesn’t matter here. Again, the beauty of accessorizing with a white t-shirt is the fact that you have such a neutral base which will allow any add-ons to really shine.

We have plenty of other ideas, so check back tomorrow as we move down from the neck for further ways to dress up a white tee!


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Easter Goodies

You’re never too old to receive Easter basket, even if you just make one for yourself. We all can remember the feelings of excitement that we had as young children, digging through the plastic green grass, searching to find the hidden goodies that had sank  down. While our tastes may have changed (except for the chocolate bunny), we all deserve to receive a Easter basket (and if you want to hide eggs outside, be my guest, I won’t tell!).

Here’s a few gift suggestions to spoil your loved ones (or even yourself):

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