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LBD – Little Black Dress

With Sex and the City 2 opening this week, it’s time to start planning your outfit – you know it has to impress! While some women may bust out the best and most expensive clothing choices from their closet (or even go out and buy a whole new wardrobe), you really can’t go wrong with a simple black dress paired with some great accessories.

We’ll going to spend the week going over the perfect LBD, the best accessories and the perfect shoes for Sex and the City 2 that will make all of your friends jealous.

So whether you’re sipping on a cosmo or munching on movie popcorn, we know you’ll look stunning with our suggestions!

Green Dragon Black One-Shoulder Dress

Don’t go overboard with your LBD. A few simple accents like the two dresses pictures are good – they won’t attract any attention from your beautiful accessories and figure. It is a movie, so you don’t want to have to be uncomfortable in your seat with tons of tulle or heavy accents. These two dresses in particular are made with a light, breathable fabric (perfect for the humidity), that won’t stick to your skin as you’re dancing the night away after the show.

Green Dragon Sasha Dress

Are you planning on wearing anything special to watch Sex and the City 2?


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Great Grabs for a Green Holiday

Here’s a little tribute to St. Patrick’s Day from our store featuring green items (what else would you expect?)! Any of these items will easily prevent you from being pinched on today and are available through our website!

origdeanogreen (Scout Bag by Bungalow, Original Deano Tote, $35)

All your friends will be green with envy 365 days a year after you purchase this great top below (Weston Wear Cap Bat Green Top, $108). Form fitting and figure flattering, this top will become your good luck charm without a doubt!

Weston Wear Cap Bat Green Top_filtered

A dress that we got in not too long again that has been FLYING off the shelves is this great little number below. With hidden side pockets and a great belt to accent the waist, this dress can be worn in almost any setting!

Weston Wear Marcie Dress(Weston Wear Marcie Dress, $154)

Our last item comes not only in a hot lime green shade, but it’s literally green! These Eco Chic water bottles have great little quotes on them to brighten your day (or a friend’s). Stainless steel, these water bottles are reusable, so you can toss your plastic bottles away for good.

12609-2T(Eco Chic Water Bottles, $22)

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Style Verdict: Dresses With Pockets

Dresses with pockets has been a fashion fad that hasn’t gone out of style. For the longest time, I never understood this trend, even though fashion designers like Maurizio Pecoraro, Monique Lhullier, and Oscar De La Renta often featured dresses with pockets. Pockets seemed to add a touch of “slouch” to a dress, making it less formal in nature.

In order newest shipment from Weston Wear, several dresses had pockets built it, so I gave trend real consideration. It wasn’t even until I had dressed the mannequins did I realize that these dress had pockets. But now…


Want to stash a few dollars in your pocket to run into the grocery store? No need to change out of your adorable dress into a pair of jeans or grab a bulky purse. Standing around, waiting on your friends? Keep your hands busy by sticking them in the pockets. They are fashionable AND practical!

Check out these cute dresses that just arrived that other day:

Weston Wear Marcie Dress

(Weston Wear Marcie Dress, $154)

Weston Wear Marissa Ivory Dress

(Weston Wear Marissa Ivory Dress, $126)

Is it just me or do these dresses also seem to be very slimming??

Don’t forgot to stop by tomorrow to see what is in our Friday Five!

— Emily

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Blinded by the Light – Bling Tops

Remember: Starting today we are launching WILD CARD WEDNESDAY in our retail location (Cary, North Carolina). 15% off one item, 20% off two or more items!

Want a new top that will help you look slimmer and still just as gorgeous? Look no further than a top with an eye-catching neckline, accented with beads, chains, etc. Attention will be drawn away from your trouble areas up to your face. Dressed up or down, jeweled necklines add a touch of class to any outfit. Take the tank below, for example. Pair it with a pair of dark jeans and dark heels, you’ll look like you spend hours perfecting your outfit (and only have spend 10 minutes)!

bling tank

(Free Society Bling Tank,  $67)

You’ll have no need to wear a necklace with these jeweled tops (unless you want to pair it with a dainty little chain).

Want something a little softer? Go with a touch of delicate embroidery around the neckline. Like the JWLA dress below, the bright colors adds a springy touch to this dress, perfect for when the months warm up and time changes.

JWLA 0225-2

(JWLA Black Flora Dress, $195)

This Monoreno Grey Dress (below) has been a big hit with our customers lately. No wonder, the fabric is soothing to the skin and the style is slimming for any figure.

MO 03034-2

(Monoreno Grey Woven Dress, $56)

MO 03033-2

(Monoreno Blue Dress, $42)

This Monoreno blue dress (above) is a great spring-time addition to your wardrobe. All you have to do is toss it on, add some cute shoes (gladiator sandals or just your flip flops) and go! Breezy and cool, like the others, the jewels at the top adds a gentle touch of style that says, “Look at me~!”.

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure it has that touch of bling. It is an effortless look that will make you shine!

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