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Denim Overload

We just got some great (and incredibly soft) denim button-up shirts in from MOTO (Makers of True Originals) the other day, and I wondered how I could pull off the denim on denim trend without looking just… overdone. Case in point: Britney and Justin – below.

This trend has been such a hit on the runways this year,  showing up in Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, D&G, Chloe and Louis Vuitton’s collections.

Here are a few tips if you are feeling brave enough to attempt this look:

  • Think about your wash. Pair a medium-wash top with jeans that are a shade or two darker. Too light/too dark creates a funky look (and not in a good way).
  • Accessorize with leather. Leather belts to break it up, leather shoes to add an earthy element.
  • Do not attempt to do acid wash denim, tie dye denim or printed denim. That will lead to bad-funky.

Would you ever be brave enough to attempt the denim on denim?

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MOTO Jeans are a Hit!

Looks like it’s Denim Day today!!

If you’re anything like me, which I’m sure you are considering you’re visiting this blog, you like to start the spring season with a fabulous new pair of jeans. There is nothing like new clothes.

Earlier last week, we received a L-A-R-G-E shipment in from MOTO (Makers of True Originals). I’m only going to feature a few of my favorite arrivals, so you’ll have to stop by our store to check out the rest! Don’t worry, our sales staff are experts at finding the right pair for you.

What I love about MOTO jeans is that they are amazingly figure flattering! My favorite thing about jeans in general is that you can dress them up or down depending on what you wear with it. Throw on a fitted white v-neck t-shirt and a great heel for a casual and comfy look.

moto skinny horizon(Moto Skinny Horizon Jeans, $72)

moto white harlem
(Moto Skinny White Harlem, $78)

Personally, I think the above jeans would look amazing paired with a tunic top and a pair of heels. No one will accuse you of being “grunge” in them! White is also such a fresh, bright color, perfect for the spring season.

And because no closet can be complete without the basic denim skirt, we got in a great addition, as seen below. Show off those gorgeous legs of yours. Add some heels and you’ll instantly look fabulous and sassy!

moto jolie skirt 
(Moto Jolie Denim Skirt, $60)

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Why you should say “YES'” to premium denim…


….I know …it’s scary….spending close to $200 or more on a pair of jeans.

What women today don’t realize….is that denim is the “new dress pant“.  Yes…you still need a pair of black dress pants for certain occassions but having a GREAT pair of jeans is essential for a contemporary lady….working or nonworking (ha-ha….as if there is such a thing).

However, most of you just can’t seem to rationalize spending the bucks on denim.

Let me help you to understand the rationalization behind this kind of purchase and also why it is smart.

* How many times do you wear denim in a week?….a month?….a year?

If you look at the number of times that you wear your denim….you will probably see that the overall cost is so minimal for a GREAT pair of jeans….that you’ll laugh that you haven’t done this before.

See if you purchase a pair of $200 jeans and wear them once a week….the cost is about 3.85 per wear.  You know…the same as about one gallon of gas….but I’m guessing the denim will get you much farther!

You’ll look good, feel better about your denim and no doubt learn that sometimes it pays to dish out the bucks.

I’m convinced…Premium Denim has  place in every girl’s closet.

So….?  Stop harrassing yourself about the price and realize…that if you wear what’s in your closet…then that’s worth the money.

You have a choice….a closet full of inexpensive clothing that you’re not wearing or just don’t get any enjoyment out of….or a closet filled with a few great pieces to compliment the inexpensive ones that you absolutely love wearing!

Try it….you just might like it!


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My Favorite Skinny Jean – the Cinder from Red Engine

Best Skinny Jean

Hot Skinny

In case you’ve not tried a skinny jean yet this year….this is it!  Red Engine has captured the fit and style appropriate for ladies.


Red Engine Jeans have been a favorite for Denim & Lace shoppers for years, so we knew that this addition to their lineup of classic & vintage inspired denim would prove to be a crowd pleaser.  No doubt….9 our of 10 who tried this style in our store have taken it home with them.  It’s an easy purchase because of the comfort and wearability.   This dark clean wash works well with almost everything and goes from casual mom to swanky evening with just the change of a shoe!

This double button band is comfortable and The Rise is appropriate  (not too low).   Stitched out of the best 360 way stretch premium denim makes the style soft and movable.

From preschool to Friday nites….For sure…this is a pant that will not just hang in your closet.

Stylish, sexy and sophisticated….what more can a girl ask for?

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