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Walking Tall – The Illusion of Cropped Pants

For most women, we all have problems areas. For myself, being 5’2″, it’s my legs. I don’t want to wear high heels everyday for the rest of my life, so what other options are there to looking taller?It’s simple:

Cropped pants.

Now, cropped pants can be tricky. If you pick the wrong style for your body, it can actually make you appear shorter (we’re here to help prevent that thought)!! If you’re looking to elongate your body, then go for a style that is more fitted and tapered at the bottom, like the style below. We have several different varieties in store, so we’ll be able to match the perfect pair to your body type.

Here are a few other tips for you:

  • Wear them with heels! It adds a touch of class to your outfit, plus, it will make your calves look amazing.
  • Choose neutral colors. Besides being able to match your pants to almost anything in your wardrobe, you’ll have the added benefit of seeming slimmer on bottom.
  • Wear them to work or on the weekends. Cropped pants can be dressed up or down, all depending on what shoes and tops they are paired with.

Check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s great look!

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