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Walking Tall – The Illusion of Cropped Pants

For most women, we all have problems areas. For myself, being 5’2″, it’s my legs. I don’t want to wear high heels everyday for the rest of my life, so what other options are there to looking taller?It’s simple:

Cropped pants.

Now, cropped pants can be tricky. If you pick the wrong style for your body, it can actually make you appear shorter (we’re here to help prevent that thought)!! If you’re looking to elongate your body, then go for a style that is more fitted and tapered at the bottom, like the style below. We have several different varieties in store, so we’ll be able to match the perfect pair to your body type.

Here are a few other tips for you:

  • Wear them with heels! It adds a touch of class to your outfit, plus, it will make your calves look amazing.
  • Choose neutral colors. Besides being able to match your pants to almost anything in your wardrobe, you’ll have the added benefit of seeming slimmer on bottom.
  • Wear them to work or on the weekends. Cropped pants can be dressed up or down, all depending on what shoes and tops they are paired with.

Check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s great look!

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Smart Shoppers love Savings…Code Sweetdeal!

As Fashionistas everywhere change their spending habits and purchasing styles….everyone is looking for that magical wand to help them get the best savings.

This is nothing new….just alot more prominent now that we have gone thru a major recession.  Everyone seems to be shopping for the best “deals” these days.

Hmmm…..a DEAL!….what exactly does that mean?

I would say that a deal is a “wise” purchase on something that will either add value to your everyday life or give you savings towards something that is a “desire”……

Now….I always admit to all of my customers…that most of us really don’t need ANYTHING! (other than air, water, & love)….but it’s the replacement or substitution of something that is already in our lives that will help us to live better, BE better and maybe just maybe add a little zing to our everyday steps:)

Hence, Spring Shopping seems to be now in full bloom….ladies are excited about warmer weather and the chance to update and revive their tired old winter look!

So….ABRACADABRA!…..if you’ve been on complete budget lockdown….let the savings begin

I mean really?!?….how LONG can a girl go without New Shoes!:)

Black jeweled Apepazza Wedge

Code SweetDeal

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Instant updates with Spring Jacket Suggestions …

It’s never easy to change seasons…and now that Spring seems like it is truly about to spring upon us….all are in a daze…what will I wear?

yes….we have to change the shoes, the tops, the jackets…the accessories….a bit of a chore but done a little at a time…you’ll be the girl that all your buddies wonder “how she does it?”

Two things that can easily change the look of your wardrobe are a Spring Jacket and Shoes….

Spring Jacket

Stylish Spring Jacket

These are the pieces that will be worn over and over in your wardrobe….

Sooo…..get something you will love to pull out of your closet….

This Stylish Silver Jacket is a TRUE BARGAIN at $51.00….

It’s not always about price….you MUST consider the value of an item to you rather than going by PRICE alone!

If you will wear the more expensive item more often and it seems like a good fit for your lifestyle….then it’s not necessarly a budget DON’T!

There are plenty of inexpensive items out there…..but my advice is to buy what will give you the best value….

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Buy what you love….but is it worthy of the price?….

Buy what you love!

?????oh….but I really like it!

I see it everyday….it’s not easy to see that when we try something on…and we truly love it and it fits beautifully.…we should not stress about the Price.   Now I know… the “b” word…you know…budget!  No doubt, we are all there…looking for the best deals, getting the most for your hard earned cash.

But look at your closet, at your home….the things that you enjoy the most, could be the purchases that cost you the most.   Now…I’m not saying to break the bank, but rather than just ruling something out because of the price…consider if it will be a quality purchase.  Is it something that will bring you joy?  More importantly…is it something that you will wear often?  If so…that means getting the most for your dollars.  It’s something that you will look forward to finding in your closet, rather than those discount items that only lasted a couple of wearings.

Fashion Rule:  If it fits well, and you love it….don’t stress over the dollar amount.  More than likely, you find that you closet will fill with items that you love and look forward to wearing.



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MOTO Jeans are a Hit!

Looks like it’s Denim Day today!!

If you’re anything like me, which I’m sure you are considering you’re visiting this blog, you like to start the spring season with a fabulous new pair of jeans. There is nothing like new clothes.

Earlier last week, we received a L-A-R-G-E shipment in from MOTO (Makers of True Originals). I’m only going to feature a few of my favorite arrivals, so you’ll have to stop by our store to check out the rest! Don’t worry, our sales staff are experts at finding the right pair for you.

What I love about MOTO jeans is that they are amazingly figure flattering! My favorite thing about jeans in general is that you can dress them up or down depending on what you wear with it. Throw on a fitted white v-neck t-shirt and a great heel for a casual and comfy look.

moto skinny horizon(Moto Skinny Horizon Jeans, $72)

moto white harlem
(Moto Skinny White Harlem, $78)

Personally, I think the above jeans would look amazing paired with a tunic top and a pair of heels. No one will accuse you of being “grunge” in them! White is also such a fresh, bright color, perfect for the spring season.

And because no closet can be complete without the basic denim skirt, we got in a great addition, as seen below. Show off those gorgeous legs of yours. Add some heels and you’ll instantly look fabulous and sassy!

moto jolie skirt 
(Moto Jolie Denim Skirt, $60)

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Why you should say “YES'” to premium denim…


….I know …it’s scary….spending close to $200 or more on a pair of jeans.

What women today don’t realize….is that denim is the “new dress pant“.  Yes…you still need a pair of black dress pants for certain occassions but having a GREAT pair of jeans is essential for a contemporary lady….working or nonworking (ha-ha….as if there is such a thing).

However, most of you just can’t seem to rationalize spending the bucks on denim.

Let me help you to understand the rationalization behind this kind of purchase and also why it is smart.

* How many times do you wear denim in a week?….a month?….a year?

If you look at the number of times that you wear your denim….you will probably see that the overall cost is so minimal for a GREAT pair of jeans….that you’ll laugh that you haven’t done this before.

See if you purchase a pair of $200 jeans and wear them once a week….the cost is about 3.85 per wear.  You know…the same as about one gallon of gas….but I’m guessing the denim will get you much farther!

You’ll look good, feel better about your denim and no doubt learn that sometimes it pays to dish out the bucks.

I’m convinced…Premium Denim has  place in every girl’s closet.

So….?  Stop harrassing yourself about the price and realize…that if you wear what’s in your closet…then that’s worth the money.

You have a choice….a closet full of inexpensive clothing that you’re not wearing or just don’t get any enjoyment out of….or a closet filled with a few great pieces to compliment the inexpensive ones that you absolutely love wearing!

Try it….you just might like it!


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Style Verdict: Dresses With Pockets

Dresses with pockets has been a fashion fad that hasn’t gone out of style. For the longest time, I never understood this trend, even though fashion designers like Maurizio Pecoraro, Monique Lhullier, and Oscar De La Renta often featured dresses with pockets. Pockets seemed to add a touch of “slouch” to a dress, making it less formal in nature.

In order newest shipment from Weston Wear, several dresses had pockets built it, so I gave trend real consideration. It wasn’t even until I had dressed the mannequins did I realize that these dress had pockets. But now…


Want to stash a few dollars in your pocket to run into the grocery store? No need to change out of your adorable dress into a pair of jeans or grab a bulky purse. Standing around, waiting on your friends? Keep your hands busy by sticking them in the pockets. They are fashionable AND practical!

Check out these cute dresses that just arrived that other day:

Weston Wear Marcie Dress

(Weston Wear Marcie Dress, $154)

Weston Wear Marissa Ivory Dress

(Weston Wear Marissa Ivory Dress, $126)

Is it just me or do these dresses also seem to be very slimming??

Don’t forgot to stop by tomorrow to see what is in our Friday Five!

— Emily

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