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Modern Country Rebel – Fall 2010

Revolution (Miranda Lambert album)

It seems that Country Music is really doing alot of rocking and rolling these days….Miranda Lambert brings it in a modern yet old style way to today’s spirited country rebels.  She is empowering girls everywhere of every age….to not be fragile and to definitely not be taken advantage of….

Now pardon me while I get my boots on…:)

Modern Country Rebel – Fall 2010.

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Life, fashion and colorful lights….

Decorative Lighting at Rancho del Zocalo, Disn...

Image by Mastery of Maps via Flickr

Confession….I’m kinda addicted to colorful lights …you know….the old timey Christmas lights…the larger ones.  Maybe this is a sign of my aging process….getting a little crazy (or alot) as the years go by.  Maybe it’s kinda like loosening the strings and breathing, laughing, dancing, singing and loving.

Fashion is kinda like that too….we go thru phases of having to dress all corporate like and proper.  We get stuck in the “mommy” rut where all we do is whatever is easy and fits.  As a college student….it can easily become all about sweats.  And then as we age….we can even fall into the “I’m 50” stage…I can’t wear that!

But what I am observing is that young and old are beginning to take more risks….to “step out of the box” so to speak with their wardrobes. Creativity and originality in fashion is still alive.

I’m not talking about being “obsessed” with fashion…but rather having fun with it!…..not letting yourself fall into a rut and always wearing the “expected”.

Adding a little fringe, a little pop of color or alot of bling with accessories will put a swag in your walk:)….Paige jeggingPutting on those dynamite heels for yourself or someone special and adding a sexy top with designer jeans will definitely give you a newfound confidence and glow!

So…I dare you….get with life….take some risks with your fashion…and don’t forget to hang the colored lights!:)


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have you seen our phone charms…just so dang cute:)

Most of us are looking for something to make us smile…to remind us that it IS about the little things:)….and of course…a quick and painless fix to our to our daily shopping craze!

Introducing the cell phone charm and it’s dang cuteness!….that’s right…dang cuteness.  (that’s my southern affliction upon a modern day accessory)

I don’t know why I have brought the word “dang” back into my vocabulary.  Somehow, I am really trying to blend my “true Southern girl” with my “contemporary trying to keep it all going” girl.  Therefore….dang cute:)

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Holy Crap….Erin Smith Canvas Art & Notecards now in the House! (LMAO)

It feels official now….I’ve gone off my wonkers…(and apparently a few others have also!)

Relax….Erin Smith Canvas Art & Notecards are now in the House!!….If you sometimes feel like you are losing it…you will now have confirmation that there ARE others out there just like your sweet soul:).

Holy's Art from Erin

As I began meandering the hallways and endless booths at the recent Dallas Market Gift Show…I happened upon this colorful and verbally exuberant booth!

My gypsy…off the beaten path and colorful soul jumped with delight as I began to read each and everyone of the fabulously colorful canvas paintings.  Colorful & Playful drawings Infused with the most unexpected innocent black and white photo faces, each of which will draw a sly smile to your face as you embrace a visual that secretly you could envision yourself in.

These are just teasers for what’s in store for you….

You’re officially invited to come and Enjoy Erin’s Crazy World!!

Supergirl Cape!

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