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Wedding Bells – The Friday Five

As flowers begin to bloom, so does love. On Wednesday, we looked at great casual gowns that a trendy enough for a bride to wear without having to spend thousands on something itchy that they would only wear once. For today’s Friday Five, we are going to take a  look at simple gifts to give those who worked so hard to make your day extra special.

011This 16 oz glass ($26.95) from Obnoxious Affluence is a great gift for both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. They can appear a step above the rest when they are drinking their cocktails out of this at the rehearsal dinner or while sunning on their boat. With the gold accents, it will look like it cost a million bucks. (Also available, “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” coffee mug and shot glass)


005As you can tell, we are simply obsessed about Tokyo Milk products here at Denim and Lace. With good reason too, as their line of bubble bath, Kiss Me kits, candles and solid perfumes are simply mouthwatering. Any of these pampering products will make great bridesmaid’s gifts, and the recipient will love the elegance.


princess-trans Yes, we’ve featured this one our on blog before, but it is such the perfect item to give as a gift or include in a gift bag for your bridal party (even the flower girl would love this item). The Twist & Pout Clip Gloss ($10) attach to a purse, gym bag or book bag, so whenever they use it, they will remember you and the great time they had.


100_3588 Don’t you hate it when you get to a restaurant and have no where to stick your purse but on the nasty floor? So did the makers of this great purse hanger. It folds up to fit into the small, fashionable pouch and is perfecting for fitting in your purse. Just slip it on the table and you are good to go. Your bridal party will thank you for keeping this designer handbags clean.


Nic 03032-2T

Worried that your bridesmaid’s will change out of their gorgeous shoes into dirty flip flops once they are at the reception hall? Prevent that by providing them with these gorgeous Nicole Pert Thong Sandals ($82) that they will never want to take off. Comfortable, with a touch of class and bling, they will dance the night away in these great shoes.

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Friday Five: Great Gifts Under $30

Here at Denim and Lace, we do sell more than just really awesome clothing, shoes and accessories. We also have a great selection of gifts, perfect for when you’re late to a birthday party and have been too busy to pick up something until now. The key to a great gift on the go is that it is something that the recipient will use (and thus, always thinking of you) but won’t make you agonize over whether to buy it or not. Most of the below are available only in our retail location, but it never hurts to give us a call (919)677-2577.

1. Scout Bags (prices vary, some styles are available online): We have everything from a cute little cosmetic bag, to towels, to even storage bins, all in great designs. Pick up the cooler to give to your college kid when they go grocery shopping, or even to your sister to carry to the beach! This is a great practical gift or anyone!

2. Twist & Pout Clip Gloss ($10): These great lip glosses easily attach to your purse, keychain, or gym bag, making them the perfect gift to give to any teen or young adult. SPF-20 to protect your lips, we have several fashionable designs to choose from. Want to grab your pre-teen a quick something to congratulate her for making the cheerleading squad? This is it.


3. Votivo (ranging from $11.99-$28): Everyone loves candles and these candles by Votivo are among the best. A favorite of celebrities Omarosa, Brian Krause, and Barry Williams, our range of scents are perfect for any age or gender! You almost can never go wrong with a candle because, if all else fails, they can be regifted!


4. Fine Whines Cups & Koozies ($8.95-$12.95): The motto of Fine Whines is to celebrate the good times in life and to overcome the bad. Giving these cups & koozies as a gift is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face. With acronyms such as P.O.O.L. (Perfect Outlook on Life), you can make sure your friend is drinking in style!


5. Bentley Drinkware (prices vary): With a wide variety of sizes (we have plates, cups, pitchers, and serving trays) and styles, we’re sure that you are going to love these. Our in-store choices include ECU, UNC and NCSU! They are dishwasher safe, and if they ever crack, you can have it replaced!


That’s all the suggestions I have for today! If all else fails, there is always the gift card! I hope you all have a great weekend and stay tuned for more next week!

— Emily

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Holy Crap….Erin Smith Canvas Art & Notecards now in the House! (LMAO)

It feels official now….I’ve gone off my wonkers…(and apparently a few others have also!)

Relax….Erin Smith Canvas Art & Notecards are now in the House!!….If you sometimes feel like you are losing it…you will now have confirmation that there ARE others out there just like your sweet soul:).

Holy's Art from Erin

As I began meandering the hallways and endless booths at the recent Dallas Market Gift Show…I happened upon this colorful and verbally exuberant booth!

My gypsy…off the beaten path and colorful soul jumped with delight as I began to read each and everyone of the fabulously colorful canvas paintings.  Colorful & Playful drawings Infused with the most unexpected innocent black and white photo faces, each of which will draw a sly smile to your face as you embrace a visual that secretly you could envision yourself in.

These are just teasers for what’s in store for you….

You’re officially invited to come and Enjoy Erin’s Crazy World!!

Supergirl Cape!

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