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Buy what you love….but is it worthy of the price?….

Buy what you love!

?????oh….but I really like it!

I see it everyday….it’s not easy to see that when we try something on…and we truly love it and it fits beautifully.…we should not stress about the Price.   Now I know… the “b” word…you know…budget!  No doubt, we are all there…looking for the best deals, getting the most for your hard earned cash.

But look at your closet, at your home….the things that you enjoy the most, could be the purchases that cost you the most.   Now…I’m not saying to break the bank, but rather than just ruling something out because of the price…consider if it will be a quality purchase.  Is it something that will bring you joy?  More importantly…is it something that you will wear often?  If so…that means getting the most for your dollars.  It’s something that you will look forward to finding in your closet, rather than those discount items that only lasted a couple of wearings.

Fashion Rule:  If it fits well, and you love it….don’t stress over the dollar amount.  More than likely, you find that you closet will fill with items that you love and look forward to wearing.



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Why you should say “YES'” to premium denim…


….I know …it’s scary….spending close to $200 or more on a pair of jeans.

What women today don’t realize….is that denim is the “new dress pant“.  Yes…you still need a pair of black dress pants for certain occassions but having a GREAT pair of jeans is essential for a contemporary lady….working or nonworking (ha-ha….as if there is such a thing).

However, most of you just can’t seem to rationalize spending the bucks on denim.

Let me help you to understand the rationalization behind this kind of purchase and also why it is smart.

* How many times do you wear denim in a week?….a month?….a year?

If you look at the number of times that you wear your denim….you will probably see that the overall cost is so minimal for a GREAT pair of jeans….that you’ll laugh that you haven’t done this before.

See if you purchase a pair of $200 jeans and wear them once a week….the cost is about 3.85 per wear.  You know…the same as about one gallon of gas….but I’m guessing the denim will get you much farther!

You’ll look good, feel better about your denim and no doubt learn that sometimes it pays to dish out the bucks.

I’m convinced…Premium Denim has  place in every girl’s closet.

So….?  Stop harrassing yourself about the price and realize…that if you wear what’s in your closet…then that’s worth the money.

You have a choice….a closet full of inexpensive clothing that you’re not wearing or just don’t get any enjoyment out of….or a closet filled with a few great pieces to compliment the inexpensive ones that you absolutely love wearing!

Try it….you just might like it!


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Prom Fashion in the Eyes of a Teen

I decided to give Ally, our intern for the day, the keyboard to give you firsthand prom fashion advice from an actual teenager! Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment or two! As always, stop by our retail location or give us a call if you have any questions. We have tons of catalogs available for you and your teenager to look though. She’ll look gorgeous, I’m sure. We’ve also just listed some new shoes under “just arrived” on our online store that would be perfect for prom (i.e. the Madeline Stuart Billie Jean).

So now that spring has sprung, high school girls across the nation will be preparing for the most important season of their year…PROM SEASON.  That’s right; it’s the time of year every girl is focused on getting asked to go to the one event of their high school career they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.  But of course, a girl can’t go without having the perfect dress to wear! That’s why they have us here at DENIM AND LACE to help prepare them for that magical night with all the latest spring trends.

This year’s prom season is all about bright colors, detailed designs, patterns, and prints.  This year the long gown is back and Jovani has brought it back with elegance and a wild side.

This pleated pastel gown from Jovani is exactly what we’re talking about!  It’s got the whole package of bright colors, intricate prints and embroidery any girl could make a statement in on her big night.

Another chic trend in prom dresses this year is the cocktail length dress.  If you want to show off killer legs (or sexy shoes) short is the way to go!  You can still be bright and colorful in something like this yellow Jovani cocktail dress.  And as an added plus, there won’t be any worry about stepping on your dress when you’re hitting the dance floor!

— Ally (junior, Apex High School)

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Bundling Up for Spring: Jackets!

Even though some of us (ahem… North Carolina) may still be getting all sort of weird Winter weather, it is March, which means that it’s almost Spring! Yes, you can breath a sigh of relief now. Since the weather will still be a bit on the chilly side for a while, now is the time to wear your cute Summer tops, as long as they are paired with an equally cute jacket to keep you warm!

(Monoreno Ivory Woven Jacket – $49)

The key to a great jacket is making sure that the jacket isn’t so thin that you’ll freeze on a cold day, but not so thick that you’ll burn up when the weather turns warm in the afternoon. What’s great about the jacket above is the flared sleeves, which are fashionable, yet will let your body breathe.

(Monoreno Cotton Grey Jacket – $51)

Now the Monoreno cotton grey jacket is the perfect jacket for when you want something a little bit dressy, yet can still remain casual. Pair it with a simple black dress for more of a semi-formal style, while still remaining completely comfortable. Or pair it with a cute top (like below) for a look that can take you from day to night.

(Monoreno Cotton Grey Jacket paired with Monoreno Blue Knit Tunic – $35)

Whatever you choose, it’s all about being comfortable in your skin. If you see anything on this website that you love but isn’t listed in our online store, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (919) 677-2577. We’re more than glad to help you out!

What’s your Spring must have? Cute shoes, perfect dress, darling jacket – let us know!

That’s all for today,



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Jeggings: Fashon Do or Fashion Dud?

Beyonce has done it on occasion. Hallie Berry has done it. Even Whitney Port did it once or twice. But thankfully, Brad Pitt has not. What am I rambling on about?

Jeggings! Basically a ultra thin version of the infamous skinny jean (can you believe that they could actually get them any smaller?), these combine leggings and jeans to create a bottom that is incredibly comfortable and fashion forward. You can pair them with a white blazer a la  Beyonce, or just with a long top/tunic, such as the ones we recently received from Free Society.

(Free Society Tribal Tunic – $97)

Warning: Do not attempt to tuck your top into your jeggings or wear a crop top. That doesn’t look good on anyone.

While it’s easy to see how this trend can go horribly bad in the wrong hands, it’s worth stopping into your nearest boutique to try them on (we have MOTO for $54 – gorgeous looking). They are cuter than sweatpants, but just as comfortable (remember that, all you college girls)! You can look put together even when you’re just darting around town, and still feel like you just crawled out of your comfy bed.

What do you think? Do or Don’t?



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This Just In: Scout Bags by Bungalow!

Stop by our store to check out one of our newest gift arrivals – SCOUT bags by Bungalow. A favorite of Raleigh mom’s everywhere, these bags are great for taking to the pool, children’s activities, the gym, the beach, and for travel. These are also the perfect everyday bag to help keep you organized.

Featured in O The Oprah Magazine, Family Circle and more, these bags are quickly gaining attention.

Water resistant, you can easily wipe these bags down with a damp cloth if needed (a great feature for mom’s on the go).

We also have adorable beach towels and cosmetic bags available! Known as “Pill Popper,” the cosmetic bags are great for travel. We also have the collapsible storage bin, which is perfect for sticking in your car or storing your winter clothes in (and I know we all will be glad when it’s warm enough to do that). People love how much you can store in one of these bins!

One of many beach towel designs

Look how cute one of our bags look when paired with just a simple white dress (SCOUT bag – $21, Johnny Was white dress – $331, necklace – $20). Can’t you just image walking barefoot through the sand in this outfit (bag on one hand, a cute boy on the other)?

Buy yours today before we sell out! Remember to subscribe to this blog for more from Denim and Lace!



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Sweet Deals at Small Businesses…Black Friday

This year….Small Businesses have been through alot….surviving 2009 and all that it has brought to our economy.

They will work just as hard for your business as the large box stores….and in the process you will probably gain a friend.

We are grateful to still be here and know that because of our customers….we continue to thrive….Thanks to all!

Oh yeah!…. let the Black Friday Sweet Deals begin!

Welcome!….Black Friday!Denim Sale on Bishop of Seventh

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