Easing into Tights & Leggings

Lisa Cant modeling for Miss Sixty, Fall 2007 N...

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People have a love/hate relationship with tights.

It’s easy to see why. Tights are notorious for showing up on women in very, very unflattering ways. But wearing tights or leggings doesn’t have to be a fight to the death with the areas of your body that you just aren’t proud. Read on.

Not ready to commit yet to the jeans that are needed for these cold, cool months coming up, but embarrassed by  your pale legs? Tights and leggings are perfect for you then.

Wear them under that long summer tunic that you’re not quite ready to give up yet. Thinner tights will keep your legs covered and cozy, while thicker ones are perfect as the weather turns icy.

Wear your tights tucked into boots (so very in right now), paired with flats (casual), or heels (stylish) for a uniquely different look each way.

We have some great basic black leggings available in our store and on our website. Get them today before they’re gone!

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