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Denim Overload

We just got some great (and incredibly soft) denim button-up shirts in from MOTO (Makers of True Originals) the other day, and I wondered how I could pull off the denim on denim trend without looking just… overdone. Case in point: Britney and Justin – below.

This trend has been such a hit on the runways this year,  showing up in Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, D&G, Chloe and Louis Vuitton’s collections.

Here are a few tips if you are feeling brave enough to attempt this look:

  • Think about your wash. Pair a medium-wash top with jeans that are a shade or two darker. Too light/too dark creates a funky look (and not in a good way).
  • Accessorize with leather. Leather belts to break it up, leather shoes to add an earthy element.
  • Do not attempt to do acid wash denim, tie dye denim or printed denim. That will lead to bad-funky.

Would you ever be brave enough to attempt the denim on denim?

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Now that the heat has finally broke here in North Carolina, it’s time to start thinking about your fall clothing options. What will you wear to keep you warm and cozy on the upcoming cool days?

Layering is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm without being bulked down with too much. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you have to stick your tank tops in storage.

We just got in these spaghetti strap tank tops from NikiBiki and already they are flying out of the store. They are seamless, soft and super stretchy (one size fits all), perfect for wearing alone or under a top. I know I wore mine all weekend when I lounged around the house in sweatpants.

Worn for decoration (have a hint of the tank top poking out from under your shirt) or for warmth, you really can’t go wrong with throwing on a tank top.

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Skinny Cargos and ankle boots

Aryn K. Sequined Tank
$70 –
Racerback tank tops »

Slouchy Shawl Cardigan
$63 –
Oversized cardigan »

Blee Inara Elephant Bracelet (coral)
28 EUR –
Coral jewelry »

Idylle Cardinal Tee

Red Engine Skinny Cargo

UGG Lynnea Clog

UGG Lynnea Clog

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Short Boot Style….the ankle boot dilemna

Finally….officially Fall is here!….(sigh).  Boot fanatics everywhere are planning how they will wear last year’s favorite pair  and this year’s new styles.

Zigi short black leather boot

Leather ankle motorcyle style boot

Tips for Wearing Ankle Boots

  • Choose your heel height wisely. For most of us, flat ankle boots will be a more practical option than their high-heeled counterparts. For fancier occasions, ultra high-heeled platform booties are a stylish, showstopping option.
  • Watch the proportions. Because they are so small, ankle boots can look awkward with fuller silhouettes up top (think boyfriend jeans or a full skirt), but are a great option if you’re trying to showcase your legs. Show off those legs by paring ankle boots with leggings, skinny jeans, or short skirts and dresses.
    Cat Deeley in Skinny jeans with boots

    Skinny jeans with Ankle Boots

    When pairing up with leggings or skinny jeans…most ladies like to keep the top longer and a little looser…like this one from XCVI.

    XCVI Hookah Blouse

    XCVI Hookah Blouse

  • They also look amazing when worn with tights.
  • Notice the rise. Ankle boots can hit at, below, or slightly above your ankle. Though all of these rises can work with pants or leggings, getting the rise-to-leg ratio right with skirts and dresses can be a little confusing. It doesn’t have to be! For the most part, the higher the rise of the boots, the shorter your skirt or dress should be. Boots with a higher rise paired with a longer skirt shortens the look of your legs.

    Emmy Rossum styles Ankle boots with dress

    Cropped boot with Dress

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Easing into Tights & Leggings

Lisa Cant modeling for Miss Sixty, Fall 2007 N...

Image via Wikipedia

People have a love/hate relationship with tights.

It’s easy to see why. Tights are notorious for showing up on women in very, very unflattering ways. But wearing tights or leggings doesn’t have to be a fight to the death with the areas of your body that you just aren’t proud. Read on.

Not ready to commit yet to the jeans that are needed for these cold, cool months coming up, but embarrassed by  your pale legs? Tights and leggings are perfect for you then.

Wear them under that long summer tunic that you’re not quite ready to give up yet. Thinner tights will keep your legs covered and cozy, while thicker ones are perfect as the weather turns icy.

Wear your tights tucked into boots (so very in right now), paired with flats (casual), or heels (stylish) for a uniquely different look each way.

We have some great basic black leggings available in our store and on our website. Get them today before they’re gone!

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