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Scout Bags to the Rescue!

I’m all about a little help in the organization department…

So as Summer goes into Full swing and we start thinking about heading back to (dare I say it?!)….school, I’m looking for practical and essential items to help me keep my “cool”.

Hence…Scout Bags have become a customer favorite…load em up to go to the pool or beachside…and then wipe em down!this one will hold all your towels and probably the beach toys & goggles too!

And…even better is this case that comes in multiple designs…that will keep your phone, roomkey & cash safe while you’re sipping on umbrella drinks and soaking up the rays!

Then….for those of you that headed to that college destination….these Zip Up Storage Units will make you appear posh & organized….(yeah…even if you’re a slob!)It can secretly hold your snacks under some blankets at the top of the bin….sweaters…or even school supplies!

Let the Organization Begin!!

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Accessorizing Your Plain White T: Neck

I love crisp white t-shirts. There is something about the idea of a “clean slate” to showcase my accessorizes on that I adore. But it’s hard to take it a step beyond just tossing on a pretty necklace when you’re in a rush. So today, I’m going over a few quick ways you can dress up the neckline of a white t-shirt!

Dress up your favorite cozy white t-shirt with a scarf. This in itself has a multitude of ways you can pull it off. Wrapped around your neck (like above),  or just casually looped around. You can go with a thin scarf, or a thick woolly one when the weather becomes chilly. You can go with solid colors, stripes, dots, tie dyes, there are plenty of scarves out there for you to pursue.

Another way to have some pizzazz to a plain t-shirt is with necklaces. Big colorful necklaces lend a funky vibe to this look, while simple pearls add a touch of class. You can layer your necklaces or just wear one for a gentle accent. Long or short, it doesn’t matter here. Again, the beauty of accessorizing with a white t-shirt is the fact that you have such a neutral base which will allow any add-ons to really shine.

We have plenty of other ideas, so check back tomorrow as we move down from the neck for further ways to dress up a white tee!


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Budget Buzzzz…..

It’s a word that has been prevalent in the news for the past 2 years….BUDGET!!!….No….it’s not a bad thing….it just sometimes puts a crimp in a girls style quotient.

But the GOOD news is that boutiques and stores everywhere are looking for items that will offer YOU their prized customers GREAT value, instant style and a smile on your face!

Here’s a list of a just a FEW OF the things we have in store….all UNDER $100….guaranteed to boost your style quotient

Even better, to sweat out this HOT weather and keep you sassy as you attend all those outdoor concerts….how about a little TIE DYE….yes!…it’s stylish now and so what if you find yourself reminiscing back to a younger time:)

There are so many sales right now…your Budget could not be happier!:)

You’ll get the best deals on beautiful pieces like these right now in our store…Affordable Quality that will last you for seasons beyond today.

Come on!…INVEST in yourself!

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Father’s Day Gifts in a Women’s Boutique?

Still haven’t figured out what to get your father for Father’s Day this Sunday? While your father might tell you not to buy him anything, it always makes us feel good to get him a little something to show our love and appreciation for everything that he’s done.

These Safari rain hats ($28) from Scala are a great buy for your dad, or really, anyone in your life. The UPF50+ rating on this hat will block 97.5% of the sun’s UV rays, protecting your loved one from it’s harmful effects. It’s also made of a water repellent thick cotton twill.

We also have these great Ugg Ascot slippers ($100), which men just adore! The outside of the shoe has molded rubber, making this a great house slipper or a street shoe. The full sheepskin lining will soothe their aching feet after hours of hard work.

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Brightening Up Your Closet

We talked a few weeks ago about how tie dye was one of this summer’s hottest trends, but there’s another trend that we also need to discuss – bright colors! Now, I know that it isn’t a surprise to most of you that the bolds come out as the weather warms up, but I wanted to show you which colors seem to be the most popular for 2010!

Moving away from the greens and blue, the hit colors for this season seem to fall more into the citrusy¬†spectrum. Pinks, oranges, yellows, that’s the colors that people seem to be clamoring for. Like the orange tank below from Green Dragon, $83, or the Green Dragon Tang Wap, $87, under that, when you go with these colors, you’ll be able to taste the juicy oranges and grapefruits they’re inspired by.

Pulling off this look is simple. You can pair bright color with simply jeans or with crisp white pants for a refreshing put-together look. For accessories, I would go with black, the contrast will really make the colors pop. Maybe a simple black beaded necklace, black drop earrings – they will really accent the rest of your outfit.

Don’t be afraid of color – everyone can pull it off, even if it’s just adding orange pumps to your feet. If you’re unsure, just start small, a touch here, a touch there.

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Hiding the Muffin Top

Ever put on that perfect pair of jeans only to have it ruined by a bit of midsection budge? Or have you ever walked around the mall, gawking at the woman with the serious muffin top, only to realize one day that you’ve become one of them? Well, you won’t have to worry about it any longer with some of our newest arrivals from Yummie Tummie.

With what started as just tanks with a cotton bust and hip panels that appear as a normal top, (while the midsection panel is smoothing and shaping your middle), Yummie Tummie has expanded its line to include teddies, thongs and more!

The Yummie Tummi Shortie (available in black or nude, $46) provides full coverage that starts just above your belly, past your bootie, and all the way to your mid-thigh. Wear these under your regular jeans or under a skirt/dress for a slimmer shape.

The Yummie Tummie Strappy T ($72) is designed to smooth away unsightly lumps and bumps while maintaining a feminine edge with silk bound straps and neck line that will slim your waist and flatter your curves! You can wear the T by itself or layered under something else.

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Summer Fashion Essentials!

Now that it’s officially June, we are allowed to spend our days lying next to the pool (well, we can day dream about it from our desks). But just because the weather is sweltering doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t, at the very least, look decent. There will be plenty of camping trips in the future when you can pull off the sweaty unclean look, don’t save it for the supermarket.

So we’re going to run through a few basic necessities for summer that will insure you look fabulous!

1. A great basic tee. This white burnout top from Alternative Apparel is the ideal piece for any wardrobe and this worn/vintagey feel of the shirt will sooth even the roughest of summer sunburns.

2. Stylish sandals. These UGG Cypris Pale Gold Sandals ($130) are great for a night out on the town, running errands, walking along the beach (hand in hand with your honey), whatever the summer brings. Comfortable and stylish, you really can’t go wrong with these.

3. Great maxi dress. Maxi dresses, like this one from Green Dragon (Purple Maxi Dress, $175), are ideal for summer. They are easy to just throw on and in 5 minutes, you’re out the door! With a lightweight material, maxi dresses will help to keep you cool during the humid summer months.

4. Tote bag. Tote bags are definitely a summer essential. You can pack so much stuff into these Scout bags and the fact that they wiped clean will keep them looking fresh, even after being buried in the sand. We carry a whole range of these stylish bags, from cosmetic cases to storage bins. Everyone who has tried them say that these are a definite buy!

What are your must-haves for summer?

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