Hot Trends – Tie Dye!

Once upon a time, tie dying was considered to be just for the hippies. A sign of their rebellion against authority. Eventually, tie dye went out of style and so did the practice of staining your hands from attempting to dye your socks in the backyard (still fun to bring around for kids birthdays though).

But now, tie dye is back with a vengeance in a hip new way. Fresh colors, funky dyed patterns, tie dye is being seen on everyone from your friend down the street to supermodels and celebrities. The question is how can you wear something tie dyed without looking more like a hippy than a fashionista?

Start simple, like with these great tie dye scarves ($48). They add a simple punch of color, go with almost anything and because they are such a simple accessory, you won’t have to commit to a trend that you might not be sure of.

When you think that you’re ready for a step in the more obvious direction of tie dye, check out this simple top from Miss Match ($35). The fabric is light (perfect for the humidity), and the simple blue/white tie dye pattern won’t scare away your friends. It’s a cool design, more moody than groovy. Today’s tie dye enthusiasts seem to go for a more of just bleaching colored clothing than dying.

Overall, the key is to just not overdo it. Don’t dress head-to-toe in tie dye, just focus on one main piece and stick with solids for everything else. If you wear a dress, make sure all of your accessories are neutral.

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