Cute Clothing for the Couple-to-be

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned weddings here on this blog (see our last post on great gifts to give), but we just unpacked a few wedding items that you are sure to love! With the wedding season here in full force (at least, judging from the amount of relationships statuses that have gone from “engaged” to “married”), any of these items would make a thoughtful gift for you or a friend.

This “Bride” camisole and panty set is sure to make you feel special all day and all night long. Convince your new hubby to bring you breakfast in bed and you’ll be set! 

These sandals are perfect for leaving your mark everywhere you go during your special day and afterward on your honeymoon. The white sandals are a great alternative to wearing high heels, especially if you are having your wedding on the beach.


For the groom, we have these great boxers  and a dashing embroidered silk robe! We also have the robe available in “Bride,” so the couple-to-be can look simply darling together on their special day.

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