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Making Mommy Proud (of your style)

Mother’s Day only come around once a year, so why not take this opportunity to do something really special for your mom? Since we think that mom’s deserve an entire week to be recognized for their love, we are going to give you all sorts of gift ideas to spoil and pamper your gorgeous mother.

However, for today’s post we are going to put together a wonderful outfit for you to wear this Sunday. This outfit is destined to help you look clean, crisp and will make your mother proud.

The top is the most important and will set the tone for the rest of your outfit. Try going with something that is light, fabric wise, especially if you are in a humid area. The cuts on this Elana Kattan top ($98) will attract attention up to your collarbone. The bright color of this top is also springy.

Pair this top with a pair of crisp white jeans and and a few simple pieces of gold jewelry and you’ll look refreshed and youthful.

Now, you can easily add a pair of cute ballet flats to this outfit, but why not step it up a bit and go with something with a heel for a touch more of sophistication?

This great Granata Wedge from Apepazza is a very versatile shoe ($135). It embodies sophistication and style with very fine details that only add to its appeal. Of course, your mom will be begging you to let her wear these, so buy a pair in her size too!

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