How to Show off your Minnetonkas!

While we’ve briefly mentioned these great shoes before, we wanted to bring them back and give everyone some tips on wearing them. Minnetonka Moccasins have definitely become a favorite shoe for fashionistas in the recent years, but it’s hard for most to imagine how to wear them other than just with a pair of boot cut jeans.

You can wear the moccasins themselves with a cute little skirt, or even with skinny jeans. Pair it with a tunic top and you’ll look fashionable but still be completely comfortable!

The boots give a bit more variety to your wardrobe. Wear them with a skirt, dress, tuck your jeans into them, the options are endless. The bohemian vibe that these shoes seem to give off is perfect for the summer.

Come check out all the different Minnetonkas that we have to offer in our retail location and our online store!


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