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Style Verdict: Dresses With Pockets

Dresses with pockets has been a fashion fad that hasn’t gone out of style. For the longest time, I never understood this trend, even though fashion designers like Maurizio Pecoraro, Monique Lhullier, and Oscar De La Renta often featured dresses with pockets. Pockets seemed to add a touch of “slouch” to a dress, making it less formal in nature.

In order newest shipment from Weston Wear, several dresses had pockets built it, so I gave trend real consideration. It wasn’t even until I had dressed the mannequins did I realize that these dress had pockets. But now…


Want to stash a few dollars in your pocket to run into the grocery store? No need to change out of your adorable dress into a pair of jeans or grab a bulky purse. Standing around, waiting on your friends? Keep your hands busy by sticking them in the pockets. They are fashionable AND practical!

Check out these cute dresses that just arrived that other day:

Weston Wear Marcie Dress

(Weston Wear Marcie Dress, $154)

Weston Wear Marissa Ivory Dress

(Weston Wear Marissa Ivory Dress, $126)

Is it just me or do these dresses also seem to be very slimming??

Don’t forgot to stop by tomorrow to see what is in our Friday Five!

— Emily

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