Holy Crap….Erin Smith Canvas Art & Notecards now in the House! (LMAO)

It feels official now….I’ve gone off my wonkers…(and apparently a few others have also!)

Relax….Erin Smith Canvas Art & Notecards are now in the House!!….If you sometimes feel like you are losing it…you will now have confirmation that there ARE others out there just like your sweet soul:).

Holy Crap...it's Art from Erin

As I began meandering the hallways and endless booths at the recent Dallas Market Gift Show…I happened upon this colorful and verbally exuberant booth!

My gypsy…off the beaten path and colorful soul jumped with delight as I began to read each and everyone of the fabulously colorful canvas paintings.  Colorful & Playful drawings Infused with the most unexpected innocent black and white photo faces, each of which will draw a sly smile to your face as you embrace a visual that secretly you could envision yourself in.

These are just teasers for what’s in store for you….

You’re officially invited to come and Enjoy Erin’s Crazy World!!

Supergirl Cape!


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