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Jeggings: Fashon Do or Fashion Dud?

Beyonce has done it on occasion. Hallie Berry has done it. Even Whitney Port did it once or twice. But thankfully, Brad Pitt has not. What am I rambling on about?

Jeggings! Basically a ultra thin version of the infamous skinny jean (can you believe that they could actually get them any smaller?), these combine leggings and jeans to create a bottom that is incredibly comfortable and fashion forward. You can pair them with a white blazer a la  Beyonce, or just with a long top/tunic, such as the ones we recently received from Free Society.

(Free Society Tribal Tunic – $97)

Warning: Do not attempt to tuck your top into your jeggings or wear a crop top. That doesn’t look good on anyone.

While it’s easy to see how this trend can go horribly bad in the wrong hands, it’s worth stopping into your nearest boutique to try them on (we have MOTO for $54 – gorgeous looking). They are cuter than sweatpants, but just as comfortable (remember that, all you college girls)! You can look put together even when you’re just darting around town, and still feel like you just crawled out of your comfy bed.

What do you think? Do or Don’t?



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Green Dragon & Pink Lotus coming to Denim & Lace

I can hardly contain my excitement!….We’ve been on a hunt for some great new lines to bring to the “casual attitude” mix for Denim & Lace.  I have found the perfect compliments.

Green Dragon & Pink Lotus brings a fresh new style to our atmosphere.  It’s casual, stylish and practical.

Some items will be in store by the end of the week…so don’t wait until they’re all gone.

A small order was received within the last two weeks and I hate to tell those of you who didn’t get to see it….it’s gone!   Obviously…. a hit with our customers!

No pics yet….but promise some soon!

Watch out!….I am “Casual Attitude” woman….hear me ROAR!!

All pieces are designed and manufactured in LosAngeles with fashion and comfort in

mind. The softest modal cotton, cotton/cashmere blend , and recycled

fabric are all used to create a fashion forward line that is easy to wear in any climate.

Pink Lotus is perfect for the woman who is always going from the

gym and yoga class to lunch and errands…. and still looks fresh and amazing.

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This Just In: Scout Bags by Bungalow!

Stop by our store to check out one of our newest gift arrivals – SCOUT bags by Bungalow. A favorite of Raleigh mom’s everywhere, these bags are great for taking to the pool, children’s activities, the gym, the beach, and for travel. These are also the perfect everyday bag to help keep you organized.

Featured in O The Oprah Magazine, Family Circle and more, these bags are quickly gaining attention.

Water resistant, you can easily wipe these bags down with a damp cloth if needed (a great feature for mom’s on the go).

We also have adorable beach towels and cosmetic bags available! Known as “Pill Popper,” the cosmetic bags are great for travel. We also have the collapsible storage bin, which is perfect for sticking in your car or storing your winter clothes in (and I know we all will be glad when it’s warm enough to do that). People love how much you can store in one of these bins!

One of many beach towel designs

Look how cute one of our bags look when paired with just a simple white dress (SCOUT bag – $21, Johnny Was white dress – $331, necklace – $20). Can’t you just image walking barefoot through the sand in this outfit (bag on one hand, a cute boy on the other)?

Buy yours today before we sell out! Remember to subscribe to this blog for more from Denim and Lace!



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