Not too serious Blazers and Jackets for Everyday life…

Plaid has been all over the fashion pages this season….

And…I’ve really not seen it done any better than our wonderful friends, 3JWorkshop and For love & Liberty.

No matter what the trend…they add a twisted classic vibe that is so irresistable.    Here is a favorite in this gray-black plaid blazer with their notorious embroidery that distinguishes them from the rest.

I would so put this piece with a great little black dress….a ruffled top and jeans….or layered with one of the new infinity scarves and jeans.

For casual attitude …pair with a great tee and some of the new oxidized and black metal jewelry.







Luv the bird embroidery on the sleeve!

And then….just because one is not enough…here’s another choice for you…

This one is a little dressier fabrication…Gray Pinstriped but still with signature embroidery.


How’s a Girl to choose?!?


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