UGG Kensington for “Got my Act Together”….

Yeah….I love them….

They’re truly addictive….if you’ve not allowed yourself the luxury of a pair of UGG boots….dare I say….you’re deprived?

What I love about these shearling lined boots is that they are designed for REAL life activity.

  • YES…you can walk around in them all day long and still feel your toes:)

  • YES….they are a conscientious company that are constantly reinventing themselves…(in other words — look beyond the basic UGG classic boot)

So….I am sharing with you one of my favorites from UGG Australia for the season…

Introducing the UGG KENSINGTON….a bit classic, a bit edgy and alot of style is packed into this leather boot.  It’s available in brown or black to suit your taste and has just the right amount of hardware for a bit of attitude.

I love this boot also….because it’s a “big girl” style….it seems to say “lady with my act together” , even during those weeks when life is  completely unorganized and nothing is going right!

Pair  with tights and a sweater, leggings and tunic, or a casual dress….

Ahhh…Comfortable, Stylish and Easy.    Now…if we can just tackle the laundry:)


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One response to “UGG Kensington for “Got my Act Together”….

  1. Lili

    I just pair of those and in addition of looking amazing (not too classic not too excentric, perfect balance) they are, as you said, made for real life with rain, mud as well as for city walking cause they are just truely confortable and dirty weather-proof.
    If I could, I would even sleep with it.
    Last argument: they are for all seasons!
    The price may be a downer at first, but believe me, you won’t regret this quality! I just love them and totally agree with what you said.

    Let’s enjoy our boots now!


    ps: They are guaranteed for an half year (a very first for shoes…)

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