Ssshhh!…don’t say it….”holidays” are around the corner!?!?

Yes…that’s me….freaking out….always about this time of year.  I used to take my time, enjoy decorating a little everyday until the day before Christmas, sing at the top of my lungs in my house and quietly anticipate all the little surprises planned under the tree.

Don’t worry…I haven’t lost all my enthusiasm for this wonderful holiday and all that it brings to humanity.

Unfortunately, I am a person who likes to “live in the moment”.  (i.e. doesn’t do well with a schedule or planning).  Call it crazy spontaneity or a personality flaw but those are some of the times when I am at my best.   My friends and my life are really trying to teach me better:)

But no worries….I am and have been thinking about you….our friends and customers and we have got goodies planned for you!

UGG Tall Black Classic Boot

UGGS are always one of our hottest sellers…so…just a warning…they’re starting to move.  If you or a loved one has these on her list…..I would suggest doing as I say…and not as I do…..Plan in advance to purchase them….when they’re gone…they’re gone!

Let the Season Begin!

UGG Bailey Button in Chestnut

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