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Sweet Deals at Small Businesses…Black Friday

This year….Small Businesses have been through alot….surviving 2009 and all that it has brought to our economy.

They will work just as hard for your business as the large box stores….and in the process you will probably gain a friend.

We are grateful to still be here and know that because of our customers….we continue to thrive….Thanks to all!

Oh yeah!…. let the Black Friday Sweet Deals begin!

Welcome!….Black Friday!Denim Sale on Bishop of Seventh

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Not too serious Blazers and Jackets for Everyday life…

Plaid has been all over the fashion pages this season….

And…I’ve really not seen it done any better than our wonderful friends, 3JWorkshop and For love & Liberty.

No matter what the trend…they add a twisted classic vibe that is so irresistable.    Here is a favorite in this gray-black plaid blazer with their notorious embroidery that distinguishes them from the rest.

I would so put this piece with a great little black dress….a ruffled top and jeans….or layered with one of the new infinity scarves and jeans.

For casual attitude …pair with a great tee and some of the new oxidized and black metal jewelry.







Luv the bird embroidery on the sleeve!

And then….just because one is not enough…here’s another choice for you…

This one is a little dressier fabrication…Gray Pinstriped but still with signature embroidery.


How’s a Girl to choose?!?

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UGG Kensington for “Got my Act Together”….

Yeah….I love them….

They’re truly addictive….if you’ve not allowed yourself the luxury of a pair of UGG boots….dare I say….you’re deprived?

What I love about these shearling lined boots is that they are designed for REAL life activity.

  • YES…you can walk around in them all day long and still feel your toes:)

  • YES….they are a conscientious company that are constantly reinventing themselves…(in other words — look beyond the basic UGG classic boot)

So….I am sharing with you one of my favorites from UGG Australia for the season…

Introducing the UGG KENSINGTON….a bit classic, a bit edgy and alot of style is packed into this leather boot.  It’s available in brown or black to suit your taste and has just the right amount of hardware for a bit of attitude.

I love this boot also….because it’s a “big girl” style….it seems to say “lady with my act together” , even during those weeks when life is  completely unorganized and nothing is going right!

Pair  with tights and a sweater, leggings and tunic, or a casual dress….

Ahhh…Comfortable, Stylish and Easy.    Now…if we can just tackle the laundry:)

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Ssshhh!…don’t say it….”holidays” are around the corner!?!?

Yes…that’s me….freaking out….always about this time of year.  I used to take my time, enjoy decorating a little everyday until the day before Christmas, sing at the top of my lungs in my house and quietly anticipate all the little surprises planned under the tree.

Don’t worry…I haven’t lost all my enthusiasm for this wonderful holiday and all that it brings to humanity.

Unfortunately, I am a person who likes to “live in the moment”.  (i.e. doesn’t do well with a schedule or planning).  Call it crazy spontaneity or a personality flaw but those are some of the times when I am at my best.   My friends and my life are really trying to teach me better:)

But no worries….I am and have been thinking about you….our friends and customers and we have got goodies planned for you!

UGG Tall Black Classic Boot

UGGS are always one of our hottest sellers…so…just a warning…they’re starting to move.  If you or a loved one has these on her list…..I would suggest doing as I say…and not as I do…..Plan in advance to purchase them….when they’re gone…they’re gone!

Let the Season Begin!

UGG Bailey Button in Chestnut

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My Favorite Skinny Jean – the Cinder from Red Engine

Best Skinny Jean

Hot Skinny

In case you’ve not tried a skinny jean yet this year….this is it!  Red Engine has captured the fit and style appropriate for ladies.


Red Engine Jeans have been a favorite for Denim & Lace shoppers for years, so we knew that this addition to their lineup of classic & vintage inspired denim would prove to be a crowd pleaser.  No doubt….9 our of 10 who tried this style in our store have taken it home with them.  It’s an easy purchase because of the comfort and wearability.   This dark clean wash works well with almost everything and goes from casual mom to swanky evening with just the change of a shoe!

This double button band is comfortable and The Rise is appropriate  (not too low).   Stitched out of the best 360 way stretch premium denim makes the style soft and movable.

From preschool to Friday nites….For sure…this is a pant that will not just hang in your closet.

Stylish, sexy and sophisticated….what more can a girl ask for?

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