The Beautiful Wedge

Yes….I’m partial….I mean to the “wedge” .  You know, wedge shoes, the ones that you can actually walk in and make you feel taller.  Even better is that they’re one of the “hot” styles for this spring & summer.

I know….there are plenty of ladies who “live” for the stilettos.  And with the reinvention of “Sex and the City”…it will surely become a huge fashion statement again…but just think…You can walk from the car to the restaurant for the business lunch without your little heel getting into the cracks of the sidewalk.  You can comfortably walk down the hall of the school after the PTA meeting. Uggblackwedgesandal

Stilletto in Disguise

I love the Ugg Wedge that I call the “Stilletto in Disguise”.  It appears to be a stiletto as you’re walking because of the unique wooden cutout.  Studded detail along the sole adds interest without being over the top.

So…what are you waiting for?  The selections are endless now…so go and get some wedges!


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